Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Saipul Jamil married Virginia Anggreani

Saipul Jamil eventually married Virginia Anggreani. He has hold the ceremony at the Mosque Istiqomah, Bandung, on Thursday (10/03/2011). After the ceremony, they boarded a horse-drawn carriage.
Previously, Jamil Saipul announced it would get married in September 2010. But, it was canceled and postponed to January 2011, and that both plans had to be returned aground.Saipul and Virginia marriage ceremony took place at 09.00 am. After the ceremony is completed, a unique ceremony occurred. He and his wife paraded by using horse-drawn carriage. Earlier he said he would hold a wedding reception two days after the contract or Saturday (03/12/2011). The reception will be held at Cimahi with customary Solo and Banten.

Foto : Kapanlagi.com

Sheila Marcia and Kyky Mirano Wedding

Artists Sheila Marcia Joseph ended his bachelor after receiving the proposal Cannonball band drummer, Kyky Mirano, on Friday (04/29/2011).
The two lovebirds are married at the Cathedral Church, Denpasar, and the blessing was led by Father Kristianus Queen SVD. This simple wedding that took place attended by only about 30 invited guests who come from families and close relatives of the bride and groom.
Sources by Kompas.com

Royal Wedding Day In Pictures

A colourful and vibrant selection of images from the Royal Wedding of Prince William
and Catherine.
From the thousands of Royal fans who gathered in The Mall, to the moment the wedding dress was revealed, to the balcony kiss and the departure of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from Buckingham Palace on Saturday… we have a wonderful collection of images for you to browse.

Royal Wedding Day In Pictures.

Catherine’s Royal Wedding dress

Catherine’s Royal Wedding dress was inspired by the dress worn by Grace Kelly for her wedding to Prince Ranier in 1956. The ivory white satin silk gown was created by Sarah Burton, Head Designer at the House of Alexander McQueen.  Burton signed a confidentiality agreement and was not permitted to speak about the commission.  The dress remained a secret until the moment Catherine stepped out of the wedding car with her father.
The structure of the dress, which is a mix of Victorian detailing and contemporary styling, is designed around a traditional corset, with nipped in waist, padded hips, and 58 organza covered buttons.
The delicate bodice is fashioned from a mix of English lace and French Chantilly lace.  Hand embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework, the lace applique includes flowers to represent each area of the British Isles – roses for England, thistles for Scotland, daffodils for Wales and shamrocks for Ireland.
The veil is made from layers of ivory silk tulle and finished with hand sewn flowers and, the modest yet beautifully embroidered train measures just over 8ft.  Princess Diana’s train, in comparison, was 25ft long.
Catherine wore her hair partly down and partly up, held in place by a tiara lent to her by the Queen.  The ‘halo’ tiara was designed by Cartier in 1936 and was originally a gift to Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, from her husband – later King George VI.
The diamond earrings were a gift to Catherine by her parents on her wedding day and featured oak leaves and acorns, to match the Middleton’s new coat of arms.
The myrtle flowers in Catherine’s bouquet, cut from a sprig planted in 1845 by Queen Victoria, symbolised love.

Sources : http://www.theroyalweddingwilliamkate.com
Image: Catherine Middleton as she arrives at Westminster Abbey, with her sister, Maid of Honour, Pippa Middleton.

Delon and Yeslin Wang Married

Delon just married with Yeslin Wang, Friday (20 / 5) afternoon to coincide with his birthday to-32. Delon with Yeslin Wang wedding was held at Peter Paul's Catholic Church Jalan Mangga Besar Raya No. 55, Central Jakarta at around 10:00 pm.

The singer who once served as the first Indonesian Idol Stanislaus Alexander Liauw Delon Thamrin Delon or popularly known, has arrived at the church by car white Alphard PYN B 188 at around 8:50 pm. Wedding convoy was entering the church to the accompaniment of praise. Exactly at 10.00 the blessing procession began.

In the photo Delon and Yeslin Wang Married seen that look dashing Delon wear a gray suit Wong Hang Taylor came a car with a white gown veiled Yeslin with Kristoofer property and Rick.

Which was held in a Catholic wedding runs smoothly and safely. But unfortunately, happiness Delon and Wang Yeslin complete less for the day. Because the two parents of the bride Yeslin Wang did not attend the wedding because Yeslin Mother Wang was sick so should be accompanied by Yeslin Wang father in treatment.

Delon who also celebrate this day age, also sad because the law can not give consent directly. However, with or without the presence of his parents, both Delon and Yeslin admitted relieved that the wedding procession had undergone smoothly.

Minggu, 03 April 2011

Krisdayanti Dan Raul Lemos foto pernikahan nya.

VIVAnews - Setelah sempat putus sambung, akhirnya hubungan cinta antara Krisdayanti dengan Raul Lemos berakhir di pelaminan. Setelah akad nikah, pasangan ini akan menggelar pesta resepsi pernikahan mereka di sebuah hotel berbintang, 25 Maret mendatang.

Meski ini adalah pernikahan yang kedua, KD mengaku tetap merasakan pengalaman baru dalam pernikahannya dengan pengusaha asal Timor Leste tersebut.

Menurut KD, pengalaman baru baginya adalah kembalinya peranan dia sebagai seorang istri. Kabarnya, setelah menikahi Raul, salah satu diva tanah air ini berencana menetap di Dili. Ingin melihat kebahagiaan KD dan Raul Lemos setelah resmi menjadi suami istri.

Pasha 'Ungu" dan Adelia Resmi Suami istri

Minggu, 27/03/2011 Pasha 'Ungu' dan Adelia Wilhelmina, Kini resmi menjadi suami istri.
Akad nikah berlangsung di Gedung Graha Batununggal Indah, Jl Batununggal Indah IX no 2, Bandung pada pukul 09.26 WIB. Raut wajah Pasha sebelumnya sangatlah tegang. Namun setelah ijab kabul dibacakan, ia tampaknya lega.

Sementara itu istri Pasha yang akrab dipanggil Adel sempat terharu. Mata Adel pun berkaca-kaca. Ketika berita diturunkan, Pasha dan Adel masih sibuk menandatangani dokumen pernikahan. Keduanya senyum-senyum bahagia.

Selain uang 99 Euro, emas 27 gram pun dijadikan mas kawin Pasha. Kedua pasangan tersebut tampak serasi mengenakan kebaya dan beskap bernuansa putih.

Tenda berwarna keemasan dan ungu menghiasi gedung tersebut. Rencanakan resepsi Pasha dan Delia akan berlangsung di tempat yang sama pada pukul 11.00 WIB.
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